About Chicagoland Cash for Cars

We pride ourselves on being a top source for buying and removal in the area. For over two decades we’ve been assisting Chicagoan’s and their communities in the removal and recycling of their unwanted vehicles. It doesn’t matter what type of distressed vehicle you have, or what condition it’s in, if we can tow it, we’ll buy it!

Expert Extraction & Recycling

We recycle all vehicles according to strict EPA guidelines and in an environmentally friendly way. We can remove your vehicle from hard to get areas, and we’ll do it absolutely free of charge and pay you cash for it. We have our own trucks and drivers so we don’t have to pay to use someone else’s, which means fast removal and more money in your pocket.

Cash For Your Unwanted Vehicle

We’ve been in the automotive business since 1997. Because we’ve been doing this for so long, we’ve become established in this industry as a licensed scrap processor. We’ve acquired the knowledge and resources needed to be a major player in the market-driven recycling infrastructure. We dismantle derelict automobiles in an effort to maximize vehicle recycling. Due to the volume of business that we do, we know the value of virtually every vehicle and every part so there’s no guess work when it comes to our valuations, which means we’ll be able to put a higher value on your end-of-life vehicle, with or without a title

Give us a quick call or fill out our simple on-line quote form. One of our friendly, knowledgeable representatives will help you every step of the way!


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