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Cash for Clunkers in Chi-town

We're one of the best and we pay cash! We’re Licensed and Insured and have been in this business since 1997. We're experts at determining the value of all vehicles, regardless of condition; running, not running, wrecked, totaled, cars, trucks, vans, minivans or SUVs. We service the entire Chicagoland and Northwest Indiana area, provide fast pick-up, free towing and pay cash on the spot!

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All it takes is a quick phone call, or 30 seconds to fill out our simple online quote form to get quick cash for your unwanted vehicle!

Wondering "Who pays Cash for Junk Cars Near Me"?

You're probably wondering, how that vehicle could possibly have any value at all being that it doesn't run? And if it's completely trashed, why on earth would we pay you cash for it?

Well, the simple answer is, this is what we do! Our business is buying, removing and recycling cars, trucks, vans, minivans and SUV's. We take pride in knowing that what we do not only helps folks in general, but helps our communities and the environment as well.

Fact: According to the Automotive Recycler’s Association (ARA), founded in 1943, "Approximately 86% of a vehicles material content is recycled", and "every new ton of steel made from scrap steel, conserves 2,500 lbs. of iron ore, 1,400 lbs. of coal and 120 lbs. of limestone", and "each year the industry collects and reuses or recycles an estimated 8 million gallons of gasoline, 24 million gallons of motor oil, 8 million gallons of engine coolant, 5 million gallons of windshield washer fluid and 96% of all lead acid batteries."

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EPA Guidelines

We follow a strict vehicle recycling process, according to current EPA guidelines, and can assure you that your end of life vehicle will not end up polluting the environment!

There are 3 ways your vehicle offers value to you, and allows us to pay you cash for it.

1. If the vehicle is running and is only in need of minor repairs, and we have the parts available, we'll have one of our skilled mechanics repair it and we'll sell it as an inexpensive beater or possibly a decent first car for an excited new driver.

2. If the vehicle is not running that great, or not at all, and the repairs will be too expensive, we'll test, remove and recondition working parts that can be sold as an inexpensive alternative to our customers.

How to Get Rid of That Old Car for Cash

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In order to make the process go as smoothly as possible, please be sure to describe the vehicle, and answer all questions as accurately as you can.

3. If the vehicle is completely trashed, and most if not all parts have either been removed or are not in working order, what remains of the vehicle will be recycled as scrap metal.

All we need is some basic information. Let us know the year, make, model and overall condition of your vehicle, title or no title, and we'll make you a top cash offer, on the spot. We'll give you a fair price for your vehicle, come to your location, remove it for free and put cash in your hand.

Give us a call now, or fill out our simple online quote form, and let us pay you cash for your vehicle!

Chicago Junk Car Buyers

If you're wondering who buys unwanted end of life vehicles, the answer is simple. We Do! We're professionals in our arena. We take pride in being one of the best our great city has to offer. We've become a key player in the automotive industry, by focusing on environmental protection through waste minimization.

We buy all types of vehicles including cars, trucks, vans, mini vans and SUV's in any condition: running, not running, wrecked, totaled, title or no title, you name it. If we can tow it, we'll buy it.

We will recycle your old, damaged or unwanted vehicle in an environmentally friendly way. By doing so, we remove unwanted waste taking up precious space, as well as help the environment by reducing the need for the mining and depletion of new raw materials. Thus preserving our natural resources and saving energy along the way.

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Thinking "Who Buys Junk Cars Near Me?"

If you're looking for a company that will take your old vehicle off your hands, look no further. We've been a top player of used and unwanted vehicles for over 2 decades. Our knowledge and experience allows us to offer you a quick, stress-free, top dollar in your pocket experience!!!

Give us a call or fill out our online quote form. One of our friendly representatives will gather some basic information and give you a quote. If you accept our offer, we'll set up a time for pick up, usually the same day. It's really that simple! There's a reason we've become known as one of the best in all Chicagoland!

Chicago Area Scrap Vehicle Buyers

We've got it down to a science! Here's how it works.

After we finalize the purchase and make the pick up, the vehicle will be taken to our processing facility, where it will be thoroughly evaluated.

In cases where the unwanted vehicle is in decent running condition, but is in need of minor repairs both visually and mechanically, it may be repaired and sold as a high quality, low cost vehicle, or may be sold "as is" for a "fixer-upper."

In other cases where the vehicle is running but not that great and the repairs would be too extensive, useful parts that are in good working condition will be removed, reconditioned and offered for resale.

In yet other cases where many of the parts have already been removed, or are no longer in working order, or the vehicle is completely destroyed, what's left of it will be scrapped.

Throughout the years we have recycled over 30,000 unwanted vehicles and in turn, have not only exchanged cash for the vehicle, but have also helped our communities by removing and eliminating unsightly and potentially toxic materials from our neighborhoods, which is why we've become known as one of the best recyclers in this area.

Of course, you could attempt to fix the vehicle and sell it on your own. Or you could try to remove each individual part, test them to make sure they're in good working condition, clean them up and list them for sale. Or, you could hire a tow truck to bring the vehicle to a local scrap yard and see what they'll offer you for it.

Or, you could just contact us today. Whether you give us a call or fill out our simple online form, we'll put cash in your pocket and provide a no hassle resolution to that unsightly pile of rust by tonight. How's that for fast service? We're waiting for your call!

We Offer Free Junk Car Towing

With our free removal service, we've got you covered! Whether you just bought a new car and need more room in your driveway, or the neighbors have been complaining about that eyesore on your property, we offer local junk car removal in and around the city and the surrounding suburbs, including Northwest Indiana!

Instead of giving that rusty vehicle away or paying someone to take it off your hands, why not put some instant cash in your pocket? We will instantly pay you cash in hand, and tow that useless end of life vehicle away, for free!

We go above and beyond, which is just one more reason why we are considered to be one of the best this city has to offer!

Chicago Junk Car Removal

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Trying to Figure Out "Who Will Haul Away Junk Cars Near Me?"

Unlike other removal companies who will quote you a price for your vehicle, then hire a nearby towing company to pick up your vehicle, we have our own trucks, so we don't have to wait for or pay to use someone else's, which ultimately means a quicker response, better service and more money in your pocket. Just another reason why we're the one to call!

We work hard to be a top player, and to be on top in a big city like this, you have to go above and beyond. So not only do we pride ourselves in the fact that we offer free removal, we feel you deserve more than that. We also offer fast removal as well as emergency removal, which usually means within hours or certainly the same day!

How Does a Local Car Buyer Service Work?

You may be wondering how our removal service works. Well quite frankly, the process is simple.

When you contact one of our friendly, courteous representatives, whether online or over the phone, they will give you a quote based on factors such as make, model, year, condition, title, no title, etc. If you agree with the quote and accept our offer, we'll choose a mutually convenient date and time for the pick-up.

Our knowledgeable friendly representative will dispatch one of our professional, highly trained removal experts to pick up your vehicle from virtually any location in the Chicagoland area, including but not limited to your home, place of employment or wherever that end of life vehicle took its final gulp of fuel.

The driver will inspect your vehicle to verify its condition and look over your paperwork to make sure everything is in order. If everything checks out, they will give you cash in the amount that was quoted, provide you with a receipt for your records, load up your vehicle, and away they'll go!

Let's face the facts; free pick up, fast removal and cash in your hand equals an exceptional customer experience, period!

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We ask that all personal belongings be taken out of the vehicle prior to it being removed. Once it has been towed away, there will be no way to get these items back.

Wondering "Can You Sell a Car Without a Title in Illinois?"

To be able to sell a vehicle without a title, used to be somewhat tricky, especially since the law requires confirmation of a vehicle's ownership before a transaction can take place. But now in the digital era, it's no longer a major problem for a licensed scrap processor. We can quickly, easily and legally buy it from you, even without the title.

While a title is preferred, it is not necessary as long as the following is true: 1. You have possession of the vehicle's registration that is in your name. 2. The vehicle is 10 years old or older. 3. You have the ability to provide other forms of vehicle ownership.

We will simply run the vehicle's VIN number and match that to your identification and any forms of ownership you provide us.

We Buy Junk Cars Without Title in the Entire Chicagoland Area and Northwest Indiana!

No title? No problem! We'll quickly and legally buy your junk car, with or without the title, for cash on the spot, usually the same day.

So you've got an old clunker that's not running very well and you just found out that it will cost more to fix it than it's worth. You'd really like to just scrap it and get some cash, but you can't find the title. What do you do?

If you're searching for a place that will buy your unwanted vehicle without a title, search no more. Give us a call or fill out our simple online form. We can help take that junk vehicle, without a title, off your hands.

Is it Possible to Junk a Car Without Title Or Registration?

Now, if you’re unable to locate the registration as well, you can easily obtain a copy from your local DMV (Department of Motor Vehicles).

If you don't have or can't find your title or registration, please let us know immediately when requesting a quote. We'll make every effort to help you and work with you to get the documentation needed to legally purchase your car without the title or registration.

As previously stated, we have been in the automotive industry for over 2 decades and have bought, removed and recycled tens of thousands of vehicles, with and without titles.

If you would like to simplify the process and eliminate stress, contact one of the best. We'll quickly, easily and legally purchase your vehicle, with or without the title!

CCFC flatbed truck with a junk motor home on it

We purchase all makes and models of cars, trucks, vans, minivans and SUV’s, regardless of the year or extent of damage, and we’ll tow it away FREE of charge, usually that same day!

CCFC flatbed truck carrying a car and towing another

Can’t find your title? Don’t worry! Our friendly staff is versed on the procedures and will help you get the paperwork necessary to sell us your junk vehicle.

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Have an unwanted vehicle sitting around? Give us a call today. We’ll help turn that old clunker into quick cash. We’ve been helping folks in Cook County and beyond for over two decades!

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Why Choose Us?

We're Experts at What We Do. We offer Fast Service. No Title, no Problem. We'll Pay You Cash. We'll Tow it Away FREE.

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